A regular generator service program should include tests and checks of the following:

  1. Cooling system

    Radiator/heat exchanger, coolant, hoses and connections, fan drive pulley and fan, fan belts, jacket water heater, water pump, thermostats.

  2. Fuel system

    Fuel tank, water trap/separator, fuel lines and connections, governor and controls, fuel filters – primary/secondary, fuel pressure, air induction and exhaust system, air filter, air filter service indicator, air inlet system, turbocharger, exhaust manifold, valves and valve rotators.
    Lubrication oil system
    Oil, oil filters, oil pressure, crankcase breather

  3. Starting system

    Batteries, battery specific gravity, battery charger, starting motor, alternator, engine monitor and safety controls, gauges, remote annunciators/alarms

  4. Generator

    Bearings, slip rings and brushes, space heaters, vibration isolators

  5. Control panel

    Start controls – manual/auto, voltmeter, ammeter, frequency meter, circuit breaker, auto transfer switch

  6. Gas engine

    Gas lines and connections, carburettor and linkage, magneto/distributor, ignition system, spark plugs

  7. Insulation test

    Main stator, main rotor, exciter stator, exciter rotor

  8. Load testing

With a full load, perform a two to four-hour load test