Four notice group discussions (FGDs) occurred by same-sex interviewers when preparing into the in the-breadth interview (i


We presented 150 into the-breadth interview having teens old fifteen-20 in the Kisumu, held 4 FGDs, and you will did 48 findings during the places where young people spend their totally free time. New Institute off Tropical Drug into the Antwerp, Belgium, and also the Ethical Feedback Board during the Kisumu recognized this study.

With the into the-breadth interview, a benefits attempt out of 75 boys and you can 75 super het haitian tjej girls old 15-20 years was questioned on the house. Utilizing the testing build of one’s multicentre study, quota testing was applied to be sure range inside the many years, socio-economic position (SES) from family, and you can studies . An effective qualitative interviews guide was made when you look at the English and you can interpreted towards Swahili and you will Luo. Coached fieldworkers pre-examined this new guide in communities nearby the analysis websites. The fresh new interview took place in the Luo, Swahili otherwise English by exact same-sex interviewers, and you can tape-recorded; it took about 45 moments to just one hr. Before the from inside the-depth interviews, spoken advised concur/assent was taken from most of the teenagers, including adult consent to possess minors.

e. with in-university guys, in-school people, out-of-university males, out-of-college lady). An interest publication was used, which was pre-examined for face and create legitimacy. The latest FGDs generally focused on youth’s thinking, chance effect and socio-cultural norms out-of sexuality. For each FGD had 8 so you’re able to twelve users old fifteen-20, additionally the talks took from the one to and you will half-hour.

We produced forty eight observations off more youthful people’s conduct at the places where youngsters invest their sparetime ‘hanging around’, like nightclubs/bars, video places, department stores, regional produce dens, and you may funerals. I found consent in the people in charge and you can ensured confidentiality of all the accumulated advice. The field pros tried to score an interior view of reality without any participants’ studies which they was in fact being noticed. Brief cards had been drawn into the dos-to-step three hours findings whenever possible, and you will in depth notes were collected after detailing new real function, those activities taking place, socio-class out-of people (projected ages, gender), in addition to their spoken and non verbal conduct.

The songs-recorded interviews and FGDs was indeed transcribed verbatim and translated into the English where called for . Data data of in the-breadth interviews, FGDs and you may observations then followed grounded idea standards, that enables analytical templates to arise when you look at the procedure of (re)learning transcripts and you may examining and programming solutions . This process is dependent on inductive study and includes cautiously reading/rereading interviews and you can observations, investigating and you will programming responses, and you can allowing the brand new layouts, issues and questions to arise when you look at the techniques. Having fun with ATLAS.ti cuatro.1, an excellent qualitative research research software application, the original and you will 3rd journalist coded the fresh new transcripts, categorizing the data towards layouts, and identified the functions and you can proportions of layouts and you can subthemes. The second themes relating to risky sexual behavior came up regarding interview, FGDs and you can findings consequently they are chatted about below: early age in the beginning sex, highest years variation that have male lovers, multiple/concurrent partnerships, pornography videos reveals, pushed sex, lower condom explore, regional make/alcoholic beverages use and transactional sex. In which quotes can be used about Abilities section, he’s on the into the-depth interviews except if indicated or even.


Of 150 interviewed teens, 55% was indeed gonna school (18 primary and you may 64 secondary school) whereas forty-five% was indeed out-of-university youthfulness (51 had been out of work and 17 had been working in quick mini-corporation people, from inside the residential services, or since bicycle cab providers). More than 85% out-of teenagers was in fact created for the Kisumu or had lived there to possess 10 years or even more. The average period of teenagers questioned on investigation try 17.5 among boys and you will 17.0 among girls.

Of teens interviewed, 79% out of boys and you can forty two% of girls claimed they ever had got sex. Of these, 37% off boys () and you will 59% of girls () got their earliest sexual intercourse within age 15 or young. An excellent fifteen-year-dated girl out of a minimal-SES urban area mentioned: “Of this type out-of ours, of numerous girls. become pregnant while they’re most young due to doing sexual dating very early, maybe eg my decades, there was you’ve got a good boyfriend and later to the she is established pregnant right after which she actually is leftover that is not an excellent.”