Keep Your Diesel Generator Running During Summer Outages

An emergency diesel generator is a great investment for backup during a summer power outage. Whether the blackout is for a day or two weeks, a standby generator will keep you safe and comfortable.

Make sure that your standby diesel generator has been installed and wired properly before using it. If improperly installed, the generator may cause hazardous conditions for the utility supplier’s employees working to restore power. Your generator could also be damaged when the power is restored if a double throw disconnect is not properly installed and utilized.

For a smooth transition between the utility power and your backup diesel generator, install a transfer switch. The switch transfers the power source from the commercial power supply company to the local generator. Transfer switches are the only recognized safe alternative for connecting an electrical load to the generator for an entire house or business. They are available in manual and automatic forms with a wide range of amp options to match your emergency diesel generator.

Having an additional fuel tank for your standby diesel generator is a great accessory. Whether it is base-mounted or remote, extra fuel tanks provide an excellent way of storage for those needing a longer generator run-time without having to refuel. A backup fuel tank can also be a lifesaver when fuel supplies become scarce due to the increasing demand. Make sure that your fuel tank meets the guidelines and requirements to prevent precipitation, debris, and other elements from entering the tank or affecting the tank’s exterior.

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