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We have factory trained staff and no sales people so you will deal with an engineer direct, if we cannot help you we will let you know.

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Frequent Questions


What is the power factor?

The power factor (pf) is the ratio between kilowatts (kW) and kilovolt amps (kVa) taken from an electrical load. The connected load determines the power factor. The higher a generator’s pf, the more efficiently it can transfer energy to a connected load. Generators without the same power factor are not as efficient and tend to cost more money to operate.


Do AC generators operate vars, power and voltage?

The controls on a generator do interact. The power output is operated by the prime mover and voltage, or var contribution, is operated by exciter current level. For instance, if an additional load is hooked up to the output of a generator, the added flow will improve armature’s magnetic field strength and slow down the generator. In order for the generator to keep up, the governor increases power input to the prime mover. As a result, additional generator power is operated by the prime mover input.


What is the service factor?

The service factor defines the overload capacity of a generator. For instance, if you have a 10-hp motor with a 1.15 service factor, it can handle up to 11.5 hp for short-term usage. You cannot overuse the service factor or you’ll compromise the longevity of the generator.


Will a portable generator work with an automatic starting system?

No, in almost all cases portable generators do not have the power capacity to auto start. In order to utilize auto start, the generator should have an electric starter or electric choke (for gasoline units) and auto stop and start controls. Auto-start and safety equipment greatly increases the cost of portable generators, to the point that no one wants to buy them. This is why you will not find them for sale.


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